About DBO

Building More Intelligent DBO Solutions

These days, the number of teams involved in the design, construction and operation of a single building can seem too big to fit inside the structures they manage.  Architects, engineers, contractors, MEP trades, and owner/occupier groups all have essential roles in the DBO continuum.  Yet, too often, each team is using tools that aren’t set up to serve a common goal -- challenging communication and collaboration before, during and after construction.

At Trimble Buildings, we believe all those tools -- like the teams who use them -- should be oriented toward a common goal.  We believe that the phases of DBO should be streamlined first by streamlining the systems used to manage them.  Most of all, we believe that a portfolio of intelligent solutions results in intelligent buildings -- and helps make projects and tasks more efficient and predictable.  

Solutions that Span the DBO Lifecycle

Bringing together a host of organic and acquired software, hardware and field technologies, Trimble Buildings provides highly specialized tools optimized to work together to improve communication and collaboration across workflows -- ensuring that managing the moving parts of complex building programs becomes easier and more intuitive.

Design Build Operate

From the office, to the jobsite, and everywhere in between, Trimble Buildings provides specific solutions for all constituents in every phase of the DBO lifecycle.