General Contractors

In the complex design-build-operate (DBO) lifecycle of any major construction project today, “build” is where general contractors are under the most pressure to deliver. They need solutions that will work within their business structures and processes, and to leverage technology that won’t distract them from their core competency of building.

Trimble Buildings is focused on transforming the general contractor’s experience with a portfolio of building-intelligence software, hardware, and services solutions that optimize workflows, streamline processes, and seamlessly fit within your existing operational framework. Our VDC Services also assist GCs during periods of peak demand during a project. We can customize any package to include Business Development Support, 2D Change Reports (between two document sets), 3D Model Assessment, 3D Constructability and Coordination, 4D Schedule Simulation and Optimization, 5D Model-Based Quantity Takeoff and Estimates, Laser Scanning and As-Built Models.

Vico Office delivers a different way of working with BIM models.  Used for much more than visualization, Vico Office extends the basic 3D model with constructability analysis and coordination, quantity takeoff, 4D location-based scheduling and production control, and 5D estimating.

Prolog provides cost control, streamlining the project information workflow and providing access to information from anywhere. Prolog Mobile enables all project participants to capture and retrieve project information on mobile devices that are affordable and available to everyone.

Tekla Structures is building information modeling (BIM) software which allows General Contractors and Construction Managers to manage the process from supply to installation, including erection sequencing, schedule, and reporting. Tekla BIMsight is free BIM software for model-based project collaboration for anyone across different construction disciplines.

WinEst provides a database-driven estimating solution that uses a highly flexible spreadsheet for creating, adjusting and presenting cost estimates. Modelogix offers an environment in which contractors can analyze their project cost history for fast and accurate creation of early-phase budgeting and benchmarking of final estimates.

Field & Mobility Solutions include applications and hardware for site grading, layout, and laser scanning.  The equipment and tools capture data from the field and deliver it to the office for productivity, progress, and quality assurance.

SketchUp Pro provides 3D modeling, visualization, and communication tools for general contractors and construction managers. Often these massing models are used to drive design discussions, as well as conceptual estimates.