MEP Contractors

With the ever-changing demands placed on MEP contractors to do more with less, few solution providers today have the suite of technology solutions that span the needs of the office to the field—all while helping to lower risk and allowing the contractor the ability maintain profit margins. In today’s world filled with renovation projects and compressed timelines, the MEP contractor needs tools that address the entire workflow—simply and easily. Trimble’s suite of MEP hardware and software solutions follows the transfer of data from:

  • 3D laser scan of as-built conditions (Trimble TX5);
  • model point cloud data into solid objects (Trimble RealWorks);
  • export to detailing software (Trimble PipeDesigner 3D);
  • export to estimating solution for material quantities (Trimble AutoBid Mechanical);
  • adding hanger points to model;
  • export to Total Station for layout of hanger locations (Trimble Field Link for MEP);
  • and finally 3D laser scan as-built for handover (Trimble TX5).