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The soaring costs of managing construction projects and facilities management are the biggest challenges that facility owners, managers and occupiers face. That’s why boosting efficiencies in every phase of building construction and operation is critical. As a building owner and manager, you understand that success depends on accuracy and intelligence at every stage of the entire plan-design-build-operate lifecycle. You must deliver projects on time, on budget and within a forecast economic window every time—even in the face of rapidly changing market conditions. Most important, you need your real estate assets to perform as efficiently as possible. Trimble addresses these realities with a breadth of tailored solutions that deliver deep insight, from planning and design, through transactions, building occupancy and operations. 

Trimble Buildings offers construction owners comprehensive solutions to confidently manage multiple construction, renovation and operational projects within a portfolio/program/project hierarchy to maximize their capital plan. Clients leverage our owner solutions to harness data in order to plan, build and operate with increased efficiently and improved financial performance throughout the construction and occupation lifecycle.

The Manhattan Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) is the most important strategic enterprise solution for planning and managing any organization’s real estate portfolio of buildings and assets. Manhattan maximizes resource utilization while reducing the total cost of occupancy across the entire facilities lifecycle.

Proliance uniquely combines capital planning, project and program management, business process management and analytics into one system of record, enabling organization to control program delivery.

CenterStone Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) provides facility managers with a technology to effectively and efficiently plan, manage and operate their building and site portfolios. CenterStone was created from the beginning as an integrated web-based solution to manage the complete cycle of workplace building processes, including space, facilities, assets, leases, work orders and operations, through mobility, cloud computing and analytics.

Manhattan Space Scheduling revolutionizes space reservations with an end-to-end solution that optimizes the utilization and management of all conference rooms, workspaces and associated services. With easy-to-use, intuitive ‘drag and drop’ functions, calendar integration, mobile apps and powerful reporting, Manhattan Space Scheduling is the ideal scalable solution for all meeting space and flexible desk users.

The Atrium Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) suite is the UK’s leading EAM solution, uniquely addressing both strategic asset investment planning and day-to-day operational property, asset and facilities management. The Atrium EAM software will help your organisation optimise its real estate assets to improve performance, reduce cost, and mitigate risk.

Modelogix produces conceptual estimates based on historical data quickly and accurately. The value in your historical data will enable more predictable capital and project planning and feasibility studies.

Customers in the following industries look to Proliance to provide comprehensive process workflow automation, project visibility and dashboards, program management, capital planning, budget planning and forecasting, schedule management, cost/contract/change management, construction oversight, and project collaboration. The latest release of Proliance 5.7, now features; Global Project Teams, Schedule Enhancement: Activities and Workflow Integration and User Defined Field Extensions.

Capital Project Management Software for Program Managers and EPC

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Program Management firms worldwide manage their building programs more effectively and win more business with help from Trimble solutions. As the only construction technology company focused on all aspects of the construction delivery process, Trimble can increase the number of services Program Managers can offer clients and help:

  • Streamline work process in the office and in the field
  • Deliver more value to customers
  • Provide complete transparency with the stakeholders
  • Give your Project Managers the ability to collaborate with all project stakeholders
  • Control the project with confidence
  • Win more business by delivering a superior product

Program Management Solutions

As construction costs continue to outpace inflation*, Program Management firms that utilize technology to better manager client’s budgets and projects will set themselves apart from the competition. 

  • Demonstrate technology leadership – The flexibility of Trimble solutions allows you to customize the software for individual clients and establish standardized processes and best practice for each managed program. 
  • Give your clients confidence you have their best interests in mind – With all operational project data in one system of record, both you and your client can instantly view budgets, schedules and contingencies.
  • Identify red flags before they happen – Utilizing key performance indicators and dashboards, problem areas can be recognized before they occur allowing time for corrective action. KPI thresholds can be created for each client’s unique concerns and managing risk. 
  • Support your decisions – With real-time analysis and dashboard reporting you have instant visibility into scope, schedule, budget and changes, which enables you to make informed project and program level decisions. Create traceable audit trails for all project documents.

Capital Program Management Software For Education

Introduction to Proliance: Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle

Colleges and Universities are in the business of educating, researching and leading. To do so, educational institutions must provide state-of-the-art facilities to support and attract research and educational initiatives and do so with limited budgets. In addition, there are often many projects happening simultaneously: from a new HVAC system in science building, a renovation of the student center to a new dormitory. All projects, regardless of size, have their own schedule, project team, budget and stakeholders.

Higher education facilities are rising to this challenge by taking many of the smaller projects in house and managing the overall construction process themselves. With this comes the need for one system to manage multiple projects in varying phases, budgets and schedules.

Managing and mitigating project and program risks, consistent pre-project planning, visibility and tracking of multiple budgets and cost forecasts are essential to the successful execution of educational capital construction projects. These challenges have led educational organizations to choose Proliance, as their capital project management solution.

Capital Program Management Software For Energy

Introduction to Proliance: Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle

Energy companies face enormous pressure to innovate; providing alternative energy facilities, while sustaining often antiquated facilities in the midst of ever restrictive environment and safety regulations.

Complex ownership situations mean that every energy facility may have different ownership structures, impacting the funding for both new construction, renovation and maintenance.  Adding to the funding complexity, energy companies have the opportunity to realize various government incentives, though under strict criteria; requiring tightly controlled processes and documentation.

Visibility and control are imperative to the success of energy facility programs and projects in the midst of regulation, funding and process complexities.

Capital Program Management Software For Government

Local Governments are unique in that they use public funds for capital construction projects and are under constant pressure to expand, replace and renovate antiquated facilities and remain transparent to constituents. To do so, they must navigate a complex web of regulatory agencies, while satisfying the demands of multiple stakeholders.  In short, do more with less and be the ideal role model for project efficiency and community responsibility.

With resources hard to find for capital construction projects, government agencies need a system in place to that assists the project team to manage to strict budgets and schedules. Many government agencies both local and federal, are turning to Proliance Software to address issues and execute best practices for managing capital construction projects.  Proliance is proven to help reduce waste, meet project schedules, connect stakeholders, and track actions to measure and manage projects successfully and on budget.  Also, Proliance can be used to track LEED points to help ensure the highest possible LEED score for government buildings.


Capital Program Management Software For Healthcare

Baptist Healthcare

Today’s healthcare institutions are under pressure to expand, replace and renovate antiquated facilities in light of ever changing technology, competition and demand for efficiency. To do so, they must navigate a complex web of government regulations, while satisfying the demands of multiple stakeholders across diverse networks of hospitals, clinics, laboratories and outpatient care facilities.

Managing and mitigating project and program risks, consistent pre-project planning, visibility and tracking of multiple budgets and cost forecasts are essential to the successful execution of healthcare capital construction projects. These challenges have led healthcare organizations to choose Proliance, as their construction program management solution.

Capital Program Management Software For Hospitality

Introduction to Proliance: Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle

The hospitality industry is fighting through economic pressures in both revenues, as consumers demand more for less, and costs, as the cost of construction and renovation outpace inflation, while construction productivity remains flat.

Simultaneously, hospitality organizations face the opportunity for worldwide growth into developing regions, though with the challenges of complex ownership, such as franchises, and local government requirements.

To remain competitive, the hospitality industry seeks sustainable facilities through new construction and renovation, while driving to impact the top line by accelerating facility time to market.

Capital Program Management Software For Life Sciences

Introduction to Proliance: Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle

Life Sciences organizations enable innovation not only through the talented scientists and researchers at their core, but the facilities that host the critical and rapid process flows that ultimately deliver life-saving and life-changing results.  For life sciences organizations, regulation is a necessary complexity, safety is paramount and strict adherence to process and laboratory integrity are pillars of scientific success.  This carries through the every element of new facility construction, renovation and maintenance.

The result is extremely capital intensive facilities with a critical focus on constructability and sustainable operations.  Design and construction demand process consistency and meticulous attention to quality, while controlling cost and schedule.

Capital Program Management Software For Manufacturers

Introduction to Proliance: Capital Program Management Software for the Building Lifecycle

Manufacturers must be at the forefront of innovation or risk losing valuable market share. To keep up with the pace, manufacturing facilities have to be constantly retooled and upgraded. These manufacturing facilities are extremely capital intensive and designs focus on throughput increases and lowered unit costs. With such costly capital investments, and the rapid pace of innovation, time to market can mean the difference between success and failure. Every day late results in loss of profits, interest on capital, and potential impacts to market share.

As the cost and complexity of the facilities, processes and infrastructure continue to escalate, technology manufacturers must maintain an increased visibility and control over all construction, renovation and maintenance activities.

Capital Program Management Software For Real Estate

Simon Property Group

Real estate development companies that develop, construct and operate a large portfolio of commercial space face significant challenges to deliver a better product and consistently be on time and on budget to stay competitive. This can be a challenge for firms that are delivering a high volume of projects a year for various clients across the globe.

Forest City Ratner Companies

Managing and mitigating project and program risks, consistent pre-project planning, visibility and tracking of multiple budgets and cost forecasts are essential to the successful execution of capital construction projects. These challenges have led commercial real estate organizations to choose Proliance, as their capital project management solution.

Proliance provides management capabilities in the areas of Scheduling, Conceptual Estimating, Bidding, Document Controls, Budget and Cost CBRE Group, Inc.Management, Collaboration and Reporting and Analysis.

Capital Program Management Software For Transportation

Federal, state and local governments are constantly managing the replacement, repair or constructing new roads and bridges as the transportation infrastructure ages and as the demand increases for new transportation infrastructure. Maintaining and building new infrastructure is extremely capital intensive venture for government entities and the focus is to complete projects on time and budget. This is critical because often a slight delay in the project will add thousands if not millions in construction costs and potentially loss of revenues. Proliance is proven, capital program management software that delivers full project control to empower consistent, rapid project delivery and reduced time to market. Organizations responsible for constructing and maintaining transportation infrastructure rely on Proliance to track and manage the hundreds of projects, budgets and schedules associated with each project. Proliance helps reduce construction costs and risks associated with large transportation infrastructure programs.

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 “Our ability to collaborate from any location increases productivity by decreasing the amount of time required to execute actions and identify problems. Without question, Proliance has given us Access, Accountability and Audit, which greatly assists us in delivering projects on time and on budget.”

Jeff Daily
Illinois Toll Way