Trimble Professional Services

Trimble Professional Services integrates the entire project team including Owner, Design, Build, Operate.  Our strategy creates services that cut across product, markets and geographies. As data is leveraged across disparate hardware and software lines to create truly integrated DBO workflows, there emerges a need to provide overall workflow, data management and operational strategy consulting in order for customers to achieve the larger integrated DBO strategy on their projects and as part of the customers long term enterprise transformations.

Trimble Professional Services has developed solutions to address overarching data, process and tool integration needs, creating a distinct Services Team to address the higher order needs of larger and more integrated enterprises Trimble Professional Services provides the project leadership that drives overall integration strategy across a project DBO team. At the same time, this strategy recognizes the need for a symbiotic relationship with the divisional services teams, as specific product or vertical capabilities are brought into the larger integrated service to address specific product requirements.


Trimble Professional Services Offers a mix of four types of services, depending on the specific circumstances and needs of the client:

  • Strategic Advisory Services - high level advisory services on DBO integration strategy, process change and change management, and business transformation strategy,
  • Technical Services - focused on data and system integration
  • BIM Project Management Services - dedicated project and process leadership performed by Trimble engagement managers
  • Production Services - outsourced project content development

 Supplemental Services Include:

  • Customization and configuration
  • Training
  • Production Services
  • Product Support