Trimble Acquires Sefaira—Leading Provider of Softwarefor High-Performance Building Design

Today, buildings consume about 40 percent of global energy—optimizing the built environment can therefore have a substantial impact on the drive towards sustainability and increased global energy efficiency. However, the most impactful energy savings can only be achieved if buildings are designed for efficiency at the beginning of the design process.  

The acquisition of Sefaira extends Trimble’s Design-Build-Operate (DBO) portfolio to include tools for designing high-performing buildings early in the conceptual phase of a project. Architects need to consider building performance in a more intuitive way, and be able to collaborate better with the engineers who design the systems that make buildings work. Even better, Sefaira Systems helps improve the coordination between architects and engineers as architectural models become the basis for HVAC scenario planning.

Trimble’s portfolio of software and hardware solutions for the entire building life cycle is focused on another element of performance: efficiency in the design, construction and operation of buildings. At Trimble, a big effort is already underway to improve the communication and coordination around buildings via accessible software, field-ready hardware and a common collaboration platform (Trimble Connect).

The combination of Sefaira’s tools with Trimble solutions will allow us to expand the reach of our tools much further, bringing performance analysis to many more architects around the world. This is an exciting milestone in our journey towards a future where building design is synonymous with high-performance, resulting in a built environment that is truly sustainable.

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