Trimble Mixed Reality

Trimble's mixed and augmented reality solutions include Trimble Connect for HoloLens, Trimble SiteVision, and the Trimble XR10 with HoloLens 2.

Mixed Reality to Fit Your Workflow

Using holographic data on the job site, workers can review 3D models overlaid directly on a physical environment.

Save Time
Visualize, express, and interact with 3D data
Remote stakeholders can see design intent
Encourage buy-in amongst diverse stakeholders
Assets are given context when overlaid onto the real world
  • Trimble's HoloLens Hard Hat

    Conforms to quality and compliance standards

    Easy to Use

    Easy assembly in just a few minutes

    Made to Fit

    Tightens or loosens to fit comfortably


    Release the HoloLens fast in an emergency

    Safety Lanyard

    Hang the HoloLens to free hands, if needed

    Optimal Viewing

    Buttons adjust the HoloLens height and brightness

  • Trimble Connect for HoloLens
    3D Design Review

    Review designs overlaid onto the real world


    Enhanced coordination to improve your workflow


    Communicate design intent to stakeholders remotely

    Project Management

    Teams in the office and the field stay on track


    Cloud-hosted Trimble Connect collaboration platform

    Off-Screen Content

    Take your design from screen to the real world

Trimble SiteVision

Trimble SiteVision take augmented reality to the next level for the construction site, providing high accuracy augmented reality by taking advantage of GNSS technology.

Trimble SiteVision
Greg Lynn

Trimble mixed reality technology brings my design to life, bridging the gap between the digital and physical. Using this technology, I can make decisions at the moment of inception, shorten the design cycle, and improve communication with my clients.

Greg Lynn Owner, Greg Lynn FORM

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