Trimble Edgewise

The automated modeling tool for scan data

The intelligent data you need

Trimble EdgeWise drastically reduces the time required to transform point cloud data into actionable and intelligent worksite models.

Save Time and Money
Modeling time is reduced as the software quickly extracts and models what you need.
Improve Accuracy
The automated modeling algorithm steps in when extracting pipe, conduit, and duct.
Maintain All Systems
Export conduit, steel, duct, or pipe families while maintaining Revit intelligence.
Trimble EdgeWise
Unique Algorithms

Quickly and intelligently extract elements for export to popular modeling tools.

QA Tools

Quality assurance allows you to check the accuracy of every extracted element.

Revit Integration

Construction elements extracted and modeled in EdgeWise import smoothly into Revit.

Works with

Trimble TX6 and TX8 Laser Scanners

State-of-the-art scanners to fit your unique needs.

Trimble RealWorks

Point-cloud software that lets you register, visualize, and manipulate as-built data from scanners.

Trimble SysQue

Software for MEP designers and contractors, from design to fabrication to construction.

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