Trimble Field Points

The next generation of field point creation software designed for contractors and engineers

Dear Trimble Customer,
We are pleased to welcome you as a new Trimble® Field Points software customer. The Trimble Field Points software application is a state-of-the-art and highly accurate AutoCAD® and Revit®-based point creation software.
Trimble Field Points allows you to create field points in your modeling software, send those points to the field, and return the points back from the field. This process supports a true BIM to Field and back workflow.

License Activation Key

  • Use the activation key you received in your activation email after you install the license manager and are prompted for your activation key.

Download the required files/software

  • Your Trimble Field Points purchase allows you to download and install both AutoCAD and Revit versions of the application.
  • If you are migrating from a 30-day trail license to a full license, please read chapter 4 of the Trimble Field Points Installation Guide

Download Process

  1. 1. In the dialog box, click Save. This downloads the file to your computer. Files are automatically saved to your Download folder.
  2. 2. The downloaded files are in a zip file format. You must unzip the files in order to install the required software applications.

When the file download is complete and you have unzipped the files, you are ready to install the software applications. Refer to the Trimble® Field Points Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions on installing and licensing your software applications. This helps ensure proper licensing and operation of the Trimble Field Points software.

Support Information

Support for your Trimble Field Points software may be obtained by: